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Thought I would write an update on the Kefir Milk Experiment .  Each day, I have been following the same method for making the Kefir Milk, here is the post.

I started out having one tablespoon of milk each day – taking it slow, because of Lactose Intolerance.  Then after a few days, I increased the amount to two tablespoons, a week later, I was having four tablespoons.  Fingers crossed, so far so good.

Here is what strikes me so interesting.  The Kefir milk does taste like Buttermilk – there is a definite sour, somewhat yeasty taste to it.  When I first taste it, I get a hit of sour, not unpleasant at all.  Then when I swallow the Kefir milk, I immediately want more.  This tells me my body must really need this.

Thank the heavens I froze a lot of organic berries last summer.  This Kefir Milk Berry Smoothie was surprisingly delicious.  I was not sure what to expect in terms of flavor….smooth, extra creamy, I think I am addicted!  To this recipe, I added 2/3 a cup of Kefir milk….this made 2 large glasses of berry smoothie….I drank the whole thing!  I could not help myself it was that good…..we’ll see what happens….

Frozen Organic Berries:

10 Strawberries

a big handful of Blueberries

a big handful and a half of Blackberries

4 Tblsp. Plain Organic Yogurt

2/3 cup Kefir Milk

a drizzle of honey

I let my frozen berries sit in a bowl for 30-40 minutes before blending.

Toss everything into your blender or food processor.

Blend well until smooth, pour into glasses…enjoy, so delicious!


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