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Oh, lord have mercy!  Can you tell I am sooooo excited??   This recipe is not mine – all I can say is it is beyond deliciousness.  This recipe comes from the Chef of the blog  CHEF MICHAEL SMITH, FOOD COUNTRY. For this scrumptious recipe please check out his delightful site here.

As Chef Michael says, once you make homemade ketchup, you will never go back to store bought. I know I won’t. And to that I add – Organic store bought or not!  This is seriously seriously delicious.  Once I had made the recipe, I knew oven baked french fries were on the menu.  DH kept saying what smells so good?  That is saying a lot coming from him – as he does not like vinegar, or pickles, in any form.  The house was filled with this spicy tomato vinegar deliciousness.

How good does this look?

I will not print the recipe here as I only made two changes to Chef Michael’s original recipe.  All I did was to include some chopped garlic, and lessen the amount of red wine vinegar, then top it up with Balsamic Vinegar.

Chef Michael recommends using a hand blender or a regular blender for this recipe.  I do not have either, but I totally agree. I have an old school 23 year old Moulinex Food Processor, which has served me well all these years, and sadly, is showing it’s age.   However, what  I did do was process this recipe two times and then I used a strainer.  It was time intensive, but it did work.  I know, dying food processor or not, I will always make homemade ketchup.

So for this amazing recipe check out CHEF MICHAEL SMITH  FOOD COUNTRY.  This recipe does not disappoint.  I promise, cross my heart, and pinky swear!

6 comments to HOMEMADE KETCHUP

  • Thanks for this – it looks great and I really NEED to do something with the end-of-season tomatoes that just keep coming :-) I will try this using fresh tomatoes (rather than canned)

  • Ina

    Fresh tomatoes would be divine in the recipe. Lucky you, we are still in winter with a howling storm outside!

  • I made it and you are right! This is just gorgeous!!! I didn’t bother to strain mine, and I was at the end of my red wine vinegar, so I used some white wine vinegar and a slug of balsamic too. I also put in some garlic. Thank you for posting this. I hope you’re coping ok in the storm. We have rain and wind here today – autumn is on the way, which if nothing else, makes it easier to sleep at night :-) I’m off to make some fries to have with my new favorite sauce…

  • Ina

    So glad you like the the recipe Janet! We have been having it with just about everything! Enjoy, Ina

  • Hi Ina, this looks delish. We just planted several tomato plants so maybe I can make this with fresh tomatoes too! Thanks for the link the the recipe. I will definitely have to try it.

  • Ina

    Fresh tomatoes would be amazing – Chef Michael’s recipe was so, so good!

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