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I love cook books.  Cook books are so inspiring, especially when accompanied with gorgeous pictures of delicious food.  They also bring happiness to my  kitchen!

Jamie Oliver:

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a huge Jamie Oliver fan.  His food is simple, fresh, rustic, and any recipe I have tried is truly delicious.  I also love that he gives back, that he seems so open and down to earth – what you see is what you get.

I own 3 of his books:  Cook With Jamie, Jamie at Home, and Jamie’s Food Revolution.  All of these books are delectable!  Whenever I get stumped in the kitchen, I will pull out one of his books – it is sure to satisfy!  His newest book – Jamie’s Food Revolution is wonderful and inspiring ….. especially for people new to the cooking world.  I really stand behind all of  his cook books that I have used.   In watching his new Food Revolution Show, filmed in the States, I respect him all the more for his compassion, and dedication towards humanity.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks:

I just got this book from Amazon the other day.  There are many recipes that should convert to Gluten Free easily – will be experimenting soon.  I have made some of her recipes from her blog – delicious.  Again, simple, and easy to follow recipes.  I love the stories she includes in her cook book, and the photography is gorgeous!  Will update once I start some of her recipes.

The Flavor Bible:

This book is a new one for me as well.  I love it!!!  It is not so much a cook book – as there are no recipes.  It is more an outline of what foods, herbs, seasonings work together.  It is a book that helps one to develop their own recipes, and also further develops ones taste, discovering new flavors!  With each recipe I create from the inspiration of this book – I will post with an acknowledgment.  This is a book, that I am sure will teach me much!  What are some of your favorite cook books?

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