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Posted By Ina On November 10, 2012 @ 7:14 am In Kitchen Happiness, Life, Soups | 10 Comments

Wow.  Have I ever been missing my kitchen.  After these past few months of working hard with my new company….I needed desperately needed to get back into the kitchen.

The above photo is 14 cups of nourishing, vitamin packed, healthy Turkey broth.  Thanksgiving in Canada was Oct. 8/12. The turkey had been sitting in my freezer.  I hated to freeze a beautiful fresh turkey, but there was just no time.   So happily three days after Thanksgiving we had our Turkey.  Then life got busy again…hence, the bones went into the freezer.

Finally, a couple of days off.  I  love creating in my kitchen.  Today was a “god send”.  Just being in the kitchen for 5 hours was bliss in itself.  Stirring, smelling, and skimming…yes, skimming.

For any kind of stock I use the standard:  Onion, garlic, celery, carrot, fresh parsley, bay leaf, the bones, and water, just to cover.  Last year I read on the internet…(can’t remember where) that to achieve the most delicious, vitamin/nutrient packed stock, you need to simmer on a low low heat.  Like a “glug, glug” kind of heat, lid off.  While that is happening, every so often, skim the surface of the broth of any white foam and bubbles.  Five hours or so later, once strained, you will have the most delicious stock you have ever tasted.  And it will be a clear deep color, that once refrigerated, completely gels.

Friends….I promise you – don’t use a crock pot, don’t boil the “daylights” out of your stock.  If you follow this method, you would not believe the difference in flavor.  It is unbelievable.

Then after all is said and done, you can turn around and reduce this lovely stock to a “concentrate”.  Simmer fairly hard until reduced by half.  (do not add salt until you taste it, as it will be very concentrated) Pour into ice cube trays to freeze, to add to stews, soups, gravies.

It was a great day in the kitchen, and seeing all this wonderful stock makes me a very happy girl!

p.s.  if you try this method…let me know what you think. 

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