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TA….DAAAA IT IS FINISHED!  This old dresser turned out to be even nicer looking than I thought it would.  My DH was very surprised!

What I was most happy about was purchasing Low VOC/Odorless stains.  I have to say, stain has come a long long way baby!  Near as I can tell we found there were no “off gases” either.  Once the stain was dried we moved it into the bedroom right away.  My DH is highly allergic to paint and stains – we are talking serious here and he had no problem what so ever.

Remember this picture?

Well, in all honesty, this dresser sat in my hallway for 4 weeks.  I knew I would have to get to it, but I was afraid of getting sick from the stains.  You are probably wondering – why subject myself to the chemicals?  The truth is I really enjoy the process of refinishing furniture.  I have not done it a lot, but the pieces I have worked on turned out beautiful, the cost was way cheaper than buying brand new, and it was fun.

I did not do before and after pictures on this Buffet Side Board, but here is a picture of it finished – the picture is somewhat dark – but you get the idea right?

Back to the dresser.  In total the costs were very reasonable : $15.00 for the dresser, $15.98 for the stain, and $35.99 for the hardware:  total:  $66.97 – how awesome is that?

Now – back to the stains.  I applied the coat of stain to the dresser, (windows, doors open, with a fan blowing) and although it was not completely odorless, it was darn close.  I did have a slight head ache and felt a bit “off” for an hour or two – but compared to stains I used years ago?  Way, way better!  During the staining process, I am happy to say my DH had no problem at all.

Then the next day, came the application of the Oil Based Hybrid Vanish.  This was amazing – virtually no odor at all!  Once the first coat was applied, three hours later it needed a light sanding, and a second coat of varnish.  This time I got no headache and I felt good as new.

Here is a side view – see the tongue and groove drawers?  They sure do not make them like that anymore.

Then we needed to buy new drawer handles….cheap tacky looking brass would not do.  The handles we bought were labeled “Matte Black” which goes well with our Wrought Iron Bed.  Here are a few more views:

And a side view:

I love my new dresser.  It may not be everyone’s style (my daughter loves ultra modern) but it is mine.  For $66.97, some elbow grease… you gotta love that.   :)


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