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On our 3rd night of our Getaway …. We decided to go out for dinner.  Wish I could say it was good……it was horrible!  So disappointing, and last year it had been fabulous!  Well, we won’t do that again….we did discover another place we will definitely try next time!  So, after dinner, we headed back [...]

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Part Two of Our Great Getaway

This was the view outside of our Chalet!  The sun was just coming out after having rained….and after that we had sunshine for the rest of our trip!

Now for a New Recipe – and that dreaded dang darn warped frying pan!


You can’t go wrong with Marinated Chicken Breasts!  This was the 2nd dinner  [...]

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Our Great Getaway

We had a lovely 4 day getaway that I wanted to share…..sights, food, (I hope sound, if my DH can make that happen?) oh….and one very embarrassing moment!  (if I have the guts to spill it!) Will do a post for each day.

Always when we travel, we rent accommodations that provide a kitchen.  I have [...]